These are all resources that I am personally using or have used in the past. I hope you can find something useful on here, whether your a beginner or a veteran!

Myasthenia Gravis Support

Myasthenia Gravis Unmasked – Facebook group providing support and tons of resources for those battling MG.

MG – Myasthenia Gravis Awareness & Support – Another (good, active) Facebook support group.

The Snowflake Project – And yet another useful Facebook group, a little lighter in mood and in resources that the former two.

MG Foundation of America (support groups page) – Find an MG support group in your area!

365 Days of Myasthenia – My favorite MG blog from a young woman living in the UK, including a wealth of info about her various (failed and successful) treatments.

Life as a Snowflake – living with Myasthenia Gravis – Another good personal MG blog.

Books on Environmental Factors in Autoimmunity

The Paleo Approach– Well-researched and extremely detailed overview of food chemistry and its relation to autoimmune disease.

The Wahls Protocol – A well-documented journey of recovery by a doctor, researcher and multiple sclerosis sufferer.

The Loving Diet – Great resource if you’ve hit a wall with AIP or feel that simply changing your diet isn’t enough.

The Autoimmune Epidemic – A little older and broader in scope than the rest of the bunch, it provides a thorough discussion of how environmental factors (toxins, pesticides, viruses, allergens in foods etc.) contribute to autoimmune disease.

Healthy-Pantry Shopping

Mountain Rose Herbs – High-quality, organic herbs, essential oils, butters, teas and much more.

One Stop Paleo Shop – Great for stocking up on treats, specialty-flours and other goodies. [make sure to check The Paleo Mom’s website for coupons]

Barefoot Provisions – Similar to One Stop Paleo but with a larger selection in some areas. [make sure to check The Paleo Mom’s website for coupons] – If you’re a Prime subscriber Amazon is great place to shop anything from cookbooks to grass-fed gelatin and coconut aminos.

Toxin-free Beauty Products

Beautycounter – I only started using their products recently but – so far –  I’m obsessed with their mascara and plumping face mask.

Dr. Hauschka – I’m a longtime Dr. Hauschka devotee and a huge fan of their skincare products. I have mixed dehydrated skin, and most products are either too heavy or not hydrating enough for my thirsty skin. Their products have worked magic on my complexion over time. Fave products include their Clarifying Day Oil, Revitalizing Mask (my favorite mask for deep hydration!), Melissa Day Cream (for summer), and their legendary Rose Cream. (for winter)

Goop Beauty – People love to hate Gwyneth Paltrow, but the Goop beauty line has some terrific products and they’re rated very well (1-4) on the EWG database.

Green and Minimalist Living Advice

Sarah Wilson – Great website all around, but I especially love Sarah’s tips on how to switch to green/frugal living, and her discussion on the impact of toxins, plastics, waste and other stuff on our health and the planet.

Zero Waste Home – Advice on how to turn your home into a zero-waste, zero-toxins zone.

DIY Toxin-free Beauty and Home Products

Wellness Mama – A wealth of legit, home-made, natural beauty recipes and cleaning products.

Body Unburdened – Another great resource for DIY, toxin-free beauty products and other good stuff.

Awesome Paleo Living Blogs

Elana’s Pantry – Best-selling New York Times author and pioneer of grain-free baking. Fast and fool-proof recipes.

Against All Grain – Another great site for grain-free baking recipes.

Penniless Parenting – Managing a paleo (and autoimmune) lifestyle on a budget.

A Healthy Life For Me – Gluten-free recipes and organic gardening tips.

The Healthy Apple – Recipes, beauty and wellness resources and much more.

Backcountry Paleo – For campers, climbers, backpackers and other adventurers following a paleo diet.

Addicted to Lovely – A younger, fresher take on the Paleo lifestyle by an LA-based blogger in her early 20s.

Blogs specifically on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

The Paleo Mom – Dr. Ballantyne is currently considered the leader in all things AIP. If you’d like to find out more about the AIP diet and lifestyle this is the place to start.

Autoimmune-Paleo – More accessible and less promotion-heavy than the Paleo Mom, this is great place for AIP recipes, advice and stories of recovery. Watch out for their AIP Kitchen Tour series and Mickey’s batch-cooking sessions.

Phoenix Helix – If you find the AIP a little overwhelming, the Eileen Lard is your girl. There’s more hand-holding, trouble shooting and general support than on other sites, which beginners will appreciate. She’s also the only one around (that I’m aware of) that discusses both the AIP and the Wahls Protocol (and I like that).

Grazed and Enthused – Alaena Haber is simply put, hands down the best AIP cook around.